* Fees are payable upon the first lesson of the term.

* Casual and Holiday lessons are charged at a higher rate.

* A late fee of 5%/week overdue will be charged unless a prior arrangement has been made.




  • Except in extenuating circumstances (when the teacher has been notified with adequate notice) no refund of fees will be allowed for lessons missed. Adequate notice is 24 hours prior to your lesson

  •  In this instance, the teacher shall endeavour to reschedule the lesson time but shall do this only once in any given term.

  •  If the teacher cancels a lesson it will be the teacher’s responsibility to make the necessary adjustments at an agreed time.

  •  Additional lessons agreed to by the student/parent will be charged at the same rate.

  •  When you agree to a lesson time you are reserving that particular time slot which is held for you each week. I cannot easily fill the time with other students and I certainly do not offer your time to prospective students. Whilst I realise that unforeseen circumstances do crop up from time to time, it is not a fair expectation to have me reschedule and juggle other student’s times more than once in any given term. If your work or lifestyle precludes your attendance at a regular allocated time then you need to consider casual lessons as an option.




* The student may terminate lessons without monetary loss provided that at least 5 week’s notice is given.

  • 1.1.*The teacher will terminate lessons in the following circumstances:


  • 2.2.i. The student has failed to notify the teacher of their absence for 2 consecutive weeks.


  • 3.3.ii. The student has not paid their account in full by Week 5 of the term.


  • 4.4.iii. If the student has consistently failed to do the necessary practice required without due reason.


  • 5.5.iv. If the student is abusive and/or noncompliant




* As a general rule, it is better for parents to wait outside the music room during their child’s lesson. This allows me to establish a rapport with the student and the student is better able to focus on the task at hand.

* Exceptions to this is on the first lesson if the student is nervous or if there exists an extenuating circumstance which has been discussed with me prior to the commencement of lesson.

* Parents may be invited from time to time to attend the lesson when their child is preparing for exams.




* It is expected that students purchase the necessary books and instruments for tuition. It is important that students become aware of copyright issues and begin to build their own music libraries.

* Photocopies will be charged at 10c/page.




* It is expected that books and equipment borrowed from the teacher will be returned promptly and in the same condition as that when it was lent.




* Participation in eisteddfods and exams is encouraged, for which any fee incurred is payable by the student. However, a student will not be entered without the consent of the student/parent.

* Participation in the annual Christmas concert & other student concerts held during the year is encouraged. This is important for the student’s musical growth.




* Consistent practice is required if any progress is to be expected. It is important to note that the mastery of any instrument (this includes the voice) is a long process and that significant progress cannot be expected until after, at least a term’s tuition and then only if consistent practice has occurred.