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Mornington Music Lessons

Give yourself the gift of music with guided singing, guitar and theory lessons

  • Lessons for all ages, styles and skill levels

  • Fun, non-judgmental space to learn and grow in

  • Progress faster and more effectively than you could ever imagine

Hi, I'm Bernadette!

I am a music teacher with over 30 years of experience.


Throughout my career, I have helped many students achieve their musical goals and I am dedicated to helping you succeed as well.


I will tailor each lesson to your individual needs and goals and will be with you every step of the way to provide support and guidance.


I am passionate about music and I am excited to help you explore and develop your own musical abilities!

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Singing - Guitar - Theory

With expertise across singing, guitar and music theory you’ll be in good hands to improve your skills and have fun. In a supportive environment you will be able to gain the confidence you need to express yourself musically.

You will learn the fundamentals such as breathing and vocal exercises so that you can sing new songs skillfully and with ease. And no matter what your goal, whether that be a specific song you want to learn or preparing for an exam, your lessons will be tailored to suit your needs.

From beginners to advanced

We have lessons to cater to people of all skill levels. All you need to do is to come in ready to learn and a desire to experience joy from playing music.

For children 8 and up

Enrich your child's life. Give them unique skills that will last them a lifetime while having plenty of fun in the process!

Exam and audition preparation

Whether you’re looking to prepare for a music exam, audition, performance or anything else - Get the guidance and support you need to find success!

  • What if I’ve tried learning before and it didn’t work?
    At Wax Lyrical I have a structured approach tailored to your needs that will teach you the fundamentals you need to know in order to succeed.
  • But what if I've never sung before?
    Bernadette has over 30 years of experience teaching people who were absolute beginners just like you!
  • Can I do lessons online?
    Yes, online lessons are also offered.
  • What if I just want to try before committing?
    I offer pay as you go lessons that you can use to try it out. See my full list of lessen options at prices
  • What if I can’t make a lesson?
    Lessons can be cancelled without charge as long as notice is given 24 hours in advance
  • How are the lessons structured?
    Lessons begin with a few tailored exercises to get you warmed up. From there each lesson will be targeted to your specific goals and needs.
  • What if I don’t have an instrument?
    If you're singing then you already have your instrument! If you are need in of a guitar they are available for hire at a small fee.
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